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    Pearblossom Private School K-8 is pleased to answer your questions.

  • When is Pearblossom Private School K-8 open for business?
  • We are located in Mississippi and our business hours are 9 am to 3 pm (Central Time Zone), Monday through Friday. For those on the East coast, our business hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. We accept enrollments throughout the year.

  • How long will it take to get my books after I have sent an enrollment application?
  • Between Nov.-May, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery; from June-Oct., please allow 6 to 8 weeks due to our peak season.

  • I just received my books what do I do next?
  • Please read all the paper work we have sent to you.
    If you are doing online tests, you will access the student portal at www.ppstest2.com for Middle School (grades 6-8). Read a chapter, create your study guide, then take your test. If you have test booklets, use a separate sheet of paper for each test to write your answers, send the completed tests via first-class mail each and every week, labeled with the subject, chapter, student name and number. If using the online computer tests, regularly submit completed tests for online grading as you complete the answers to each test. Elementary students should do the work in their Super Yearbook. The parent should grade each page and send scores via first-class mail or enter scores using the student portal at website www.ppstest2.com (select Enter Scores).

  • How do I send in my tests for grading if I do not have a computer with Internet access?
  • If you received a test booklet, please mail your tests to Pearblossom Private School, Inc. P.O. Box 439, Bogue Chitto, MS 39629. Otherwise submit test directly from the website. Answers faxed to us will NOT be accepted.

  • How long does it take for tests that have been manually graded to be returned to the student?
  • Test answers sent through the mail can take up to 4 weeks to grade; if you take the tests online using the website, the tests are graded online instantly.

  • How do I obtain a progress report?
  • The parent can call at any time to obtain a progress report throughout the year.

  • How do I obtain a report card?
  • The parent should call when the student has completed the school year. (Please allow 2 weeks to receive)

  • How much of the book deposit is non-refundable?
  • If the student re-enrolls, 100% of the book deposit previously paid can be applied to the next grade. If the student does not re-enroll (or graduates), 50% of the book deposit is non-refundable.

  • How do I enroll for the next school year?
  • Fill out an online enrollment form at www.pearblossomschool.com just like you did the year before. You can obtain the application at www.PearblossomSchool.com or call our office to request an information packet. If your next greade is 9th, go to www.ppshighschool.com.

  • How do I return my books?
  • They are to be sent to Pearblossom Private School, P.O. Box 439, Bogue Chitto, MS 39629. If you are using the U.S. Post Office (ask them about a Flat-Rate Priority Mail Box which costs about $14-$18 to send 3 or 4 books to Pearblossom from anywhere in the U.S.); otherwise, if using FEDEX or UPS, send to Pearblossom Private School, 1882 Mill Creek Ln SW, Bogue Chitto, MS 39629 Note: (1) You are responsible for the postage/insurance fees necessary to return the books. (2) Occassionally, books sent to Pearblossom are lost in the mail. The book refund or rollover is issued ONLY in the case Pearblossom Private School, Inc. receives the books. Therefore, IT IS OUR RECOMMENDATION THAT YOU carefully tape each and every seam on the box or boxes containing the books, track and INSURE the package(s) to guarantee our receipt of the contents or replacement costs (at $85 per book and/or DVD).

  • Can I return standardized end-of-chapter tests for manual grading (because I do not have a computer) or send a New Enrollment in the same box with the books I am returning?
  • All paperwork should be mailed to us separate from the books. If the box of books arrives damaged, often all paperwork is lost.

  • When and how do I make a payment?
  • Your payment is due by the 15th of every month until paid off. If you are paying with a credit card or a debit card, you can use (1) the Secure Payment option at the Student Portal, (2) call it in (1-800-309-3569) or (3) fax it to us at 1.601.835.1718. If you are paying with a check or money order, you will mail it to our P.O. Box 439, Bogue Chitto, MS 39629. Please remember to put the student’s name and number on your payment.

  • Can I fax my standardized end-of-chapter tests for manual grading (because I do not have a computer) to Pearblossom Private School?
  • NO! They generally do not fax clear enough to read and grade.

  • I mailed Pearblossom Private School, Inc. one or more tests a few months ago and nothing has been returned as graded, what should I do?
  • You will need to send those tests to us again, likely they were lost in the mail. So, please, make sure you make copies of all tests before you send them to us.

  • In Introducing Literature or Literature 6 or 7/8, which reading selections correspond to each Chapter Test?
  • (1) Login to your student account and select “Online Test” for Introducing Literature.
    (2) At the bottom of the screen is a drop down list showing each Chapter and the corresponding reading selection that serves as the material for the Chapter Test.
    (3) If mailing in tests, see test booklet corresponding to obtain the assigned reading selections.

  • I am only doing the 2nd Semester—so where should I start?
  • For an elementary school student, do the 2nd half of the Super Workbook; for 6th Grade Middle School start with the first chapter in the 2nd half of the book for each subject. For example, if there are 19 or 20 chapters in a subject, start with chapter 11 (Divide the total number of chapters by 2 and then add 1--round up if necessary.)

  • Is there a special discount if two students in the same household are enrolled in the same grade and sharing books?
  • Elementary students cannot share books, but there is a $50 discount for a 2nd student. For Middle School students, there is a $50.00 discount for the 2nd student and only one book deposit fee is charged for two students in the same grade that are sharing the same set of books.

  • How long does it take to complete the schoolwork for each grade?
  • A student generally completes assigned course work at his or her own pace in 9 to 12 months. Those enrolled in the combination 7/8th grade should also complete their program within this same time frame; we DO NOT allow the student two years to complete a combination grade and there is a $50 per month charge for each and every month the student continues beyond the 12th month.

  • What do I do with the Grammar Workbook (used in grades 6 and 7/8th)?
  • When you reach Chapter 8 of the Writer's Choice textbook, you can use the Grammar Workbook to provide practice with the book lessons. Pearblossom Private School K-8 does not grade this workbook; it is for student use only and because it is a consumable book (one that the student writes in), it should not be sent back to Pearblossom.

  • Do I need to send a COPY of the student's Immunization Card?
  • No. Copies of immunization records are not needed.

  • As a parent, how do I know if my student is performing satisfactory and doing a sufficient amount of school work--completing a reasonable number of tests?
  • Login at the student portal located at www.ppstest2.com. Key in the student name and password, and a popup message will inform you if the student is on schedule or not. The message will suggest how many tests the student should complete each month to finish the program in 9 or 12 months. There is also a summary of the grades for each chapter in each subject. Below 60% is an F (or fail), 70-79% C, 80-89% B, and 90-100% A.

  • If the student is enrolled in a combination 7/8th grade program, can the student take two years to complete the program?
  • No--Those enrolled in the combination 7/8th should complete the program in 9 to 12 months. We DO NOT allow the student two years to complete a combination grade and there is a $50 per month charge for each and every month the student continues beyond the 12th month.